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1ed62f5ccefe48a780ae81ae42e97d39Agricultural Cooperatives Development Agency (ACDA)

As a result of joint efforts of the Parliament and Government of Georgia, on July 12, 2013, the legislative body enacted the Law of Georgia on Agricultural Cooperatives which builds upon the best European practice. A Legal Entity of Public Law Agency for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives has been established under the Law which will ensure granting, termination and monitoring of status of agricultural cooperatives, as well as implementation of state programmes.
Through its support to cooperatives, the Agency aims at improving agricultural productivity and competitiveness, enhancing cost effectiveness of production and, as a result, fostering socio-economic development of rural areas.
The spheres of the Agency’s activities are: preparing proposals and recommendation with the purpose of supporting agricultural cooperatives as well as their development; providing consultation to the agricultural cooperatives within its competence; development of a database related to the activities of agricultural cooperatives; training human resources for agricultural cooperatives and supporting their capacity building; cooperation with International Cooperative Alliance, international organizations and cooperative unions of other countries.