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6469e64298f7444ea641e3f3d17fecd8Association of Business Consulting Organizations of Georgia (ABCO)

The Association of Business Consulting Organizations of Georgia was established in October 2001. The ultimate goal of the association is, to support the overall upswing of local entrepreneurship, proper development of the existing enterprises and agricultural organizations, by increasing the knowledge and experience of local SME managers and farmers, help the entire private business sector and agriculture of Georgia to reach a new qualitative level.ABCO is implementing partner of Mercy Corps in EU European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development in Georgia (ENPARD Georgia) programme: “Strengthening farmers cooperatives in rural municipalities of Georgia” . ABCO will provide trainings to Farmers Groups (FGs) and Agricultural Service Providers (ASPs). ABCO will also facilitate the development of business plans (co-investments applications), on the job training and direct consultation to FGs and ASPs and assist FGs with development of three-year sustainability plans.For more information, please visit the website  www.abco.ge