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Georgian Wool: Can It Become the “Golden Fleece” Again?

July 03, 2017 Aurthors: Rati Kochlamazashvili, Phati Mamardashvili Back in 2014, Georgia and the European Union (EU) signed an Association Agreement, which included the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) between the EU and Georgia. While this agreement creates ...
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How Safe Is Your Food?

June 17, 2017 Authors: Salome Deisadze, Phati Mamardashvili Food safety has become an important aspect of agricultural policy for many countries (see, e.g., CAP). By definition, “Food safety refers to the conditions and practices that preserve the quality of food ...
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Hunger Games: Speculation in Food Markets

May 13, 2017 Authors: Salome Gelashvili, Phati Mamardashvili In the old Soviet movie, “Once Upon a Time Twenty Years Later,” a mother of ten who bought a lot of clothing and food in a local shop was suspected of being ...
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Working Together for a Bigger Pie

Authors: Irakli Kochlamazashvili, Nino Kakulia, and Pati Mamardashvili The village of Chkhakaura is located en route to the famous Bakhmaro resort in the Gurian Mountains. This settlement is not only in a picturesque environment, but also the home of hard-working ...
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Joint Marketing – A Key to Success?!

April 03, 2017 Authors: Salome Deisadze, Irakli (Rati) Kochlamazashvili, and Phati Mamardashvili COOPERATIVES IN GEORGIA: AN OVERVIEW Back in 2013, the Government of Georgia (GoG) approved a new law entitled “On Agricultural Cooperatives.” The primary goal of this legislation was ...
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Rising Generation of Georgian Agripreneurs

March 18, 2017 Author: Salome Gelashvili, Phati Mamardashvili According to the ILO’s Global Employment Trends Report, agriculture accounts for 32% of total employment globally, and 39% in Asia and the Pacific. In spite of this, it seldom tops young people’s ...
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