The EU funded program FAO support to Georgian agriculture under ENPARD III is a five year program (2018-2022) that supports individual farmers, SMEs, Cooperative, and ENPARD municipalities to develop agricultural projects that show strong economic, social, and environmental potential.
The individual grants provided in support of cost-shared investments will aim at improving productivity, increasing the quality and marketability of agricultural products, strengthen the linkages within the agricultural value chains, and lead to an economic improvement in the ENPARD municipalities.  
Additional documentation is available on the following links: Leaflet, Poster, Grant Manual.
To know which support you are eligible to, please click here.
All grant applications will be submitted on the following platform.  Handwritten applications will not be accepted. All applications received during the first and second grant cycle are still being reviewed. The third grant cycle started on July 6th , 2020, and is running until September 30th 2020. In this grant cycle, FAO will try to reduce review time for the applications requesting a matching grant for the purchase of tractors and its related implements only.
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