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Mercy Corps

With the su33pport of the European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development(ENPARD), Mercy Corps,together with Borjomi Local Action Group (LAG), implements a pilot rural development project in Borjomi municipality “A New Approach for Rural Development in Georgia”.

The aim of the project is to successfully promote, support, develop and implement a community-driven rural development approach to social and economic development within Borjomi Municipality.

The LEADER approach takes it origin from the European experience, namely French that states that local development strategies are more effective and efficient if decided and implemented at the local level by local actors. The seven key features of the LEADER approach are:

  • Area-based local development strategies
  • Bottom-up approach
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Innovation
  • Integrated, multi-sector actions
  • Networking
  • Cooperation

A fund of approximately 3 million GEL is available to support rural development projects in Borjomi municipality. This fund is overseen by the Borjomi LAG and applications are welcomed from private businesses, non-governmental organizations, associations, community groups, farmers and agricultural cooperatives, government agencies and private individuals.

For more information please visit www.mercycorps.ge and www.borjomilag.ge