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Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia
The core function of the Ministry is to develop and implement a unified government policy on the development of agricultural sector of Georgia. The objectives are to: Carry out agrarian reforms considering international experience as well as historical and national traditions of the country, support the development of agricultural cooperation; promote processing of primary agricultural and food products; support the use of export potential and strengthen the positions on the international market; collecting / analyzing information about conditions and tendencies of internal and external markets. Promote and organize scientific-consulting services, capacity building and hands-on training courses of agricultural entrepreneurs; registration and organization of pesticides, agrochemicals, testing new animal and/or plant breeds; supporting the accessibility and renewal of agricultural equipment and technologies; forecasting the need of pesticides and agrochemicals and promote their application.
With the financial support of the European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) and technical advice provided by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Agriculture has adopted and now works on the implementation of Strategy of Agricultural Development in Georgia 2015-2020 and National Strategy of Rural Development of Georgia 2017-2020. The strategies are adopted with the assistance of EU in the framework of ENPARD programme, are the main policy documents guiding the sectoral reforms in the country.
For more information, please visit the website http://www.moe.gov.ge/