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At present, Strategy of Agricultural Development in Georgia 2015-2020 is the main policy document guiding the sectoral reforms in the country. The main objective of the Strategy is the development of agriculture through strengthening of small households and forming of profitable production chains.
In the scope of the strategy, the government has embarked on systemic changes that should give extra stimuli to farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs. By means of implementation of all projects undertaken by the Ministry of Agriculture the financial resources became more available for farmers. The regulatory legislative reform that must approximate national legislation to the European standards is being gradually implemented. Active measures are being taken for improvement of quality and safety of agricultural produce, as well as for opening up of new markets.
For the purpose of agricultural development, launching of European Neighborhood Programme for Agricultural and Rural Development (ENPARD) is one of the key steps forward. In the first phase of ENPARD (2013-2015), this project stipulated for 52 million Euro grant assistance to Georgia, almost half of which is a direct budgetary support and 15 million Euros is devoted to development of agricultural cooperatives. ENPARD II will further provide 50 million Euro grant assistance to Georgia during 2016-2018 years, from which approximately 27 million Euro will be a direct budgetary support, while nearly 22 million Euro will be allowed for the implementation of Georgia’s agriculture and rural development projects.The Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia along with other entities is a key partner to EU in implementation of the Programme.
Modernization of agriculture is a key ingredient to comprehensive functioning of the food safety system, which in turn, is a major element within the context of EU-Georgia Association Agreement and its integral part, Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.
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