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June 2018
ENPARD Newsletter
European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD)

is the European Union’s programme for combating rural poverty in Georgia.

News headlines this month
EU and Georgia Launch Two Large-Scale Projects under ENPARD III to Support Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

On 15th June, Christian Danielsson, Director-General at the European Commission, Mikheil Janelidze, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs a.i. of Georgia, and Nodar Kereselidze, First Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, launched two large-scale projects for rural development and sustainable agriculture, funded under the EU’s European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD).
EU-funded projects with budget of EUR 22 million (approx. GEL 60 million) implemented by UNDP and FAO will provide direct assistance to rural communities and support Georgian and Ajara Autonomous Republic governments on sustainable agriculture and rural development policy
EU supported Local Action Groups from Borjomi, Lagodekhi and Kazbegi attended LINC conference in Finland
EU’s partner organisations, Mercy Corps, CARE and People in Need, implementing the EU-funded ENPARD project “Strengthening Rural Development Models in Georgia” and the members of EU-supported Borjomi, Lagodekhi and Kazbegi Local Action Groups (LAGs) participated in Leader Inspired Network Community, LINC Conference in Finland. The conference aimed to present the results and innovative methods achieved using the European LEADER approach to rural development, exchange the professional experience of representatives of the European LEADER areas and establish links for international cooperation.
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EU ENPARD Programmes in Georgia and Moldova exchange experiences and lessons learned
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Representation in Georgia hosted a visit of Moldovan delegates to share information, recommendations and lessons learned while implementing the EU-funded projects under ENPARD. Officials from the EU Delegation to Georgia and the Ministries of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of both countries participated in the seminar hosted by FAO. Budget support, policy making, data collection and analysis, market information systems as well as different aspects of agricultural, rural and institutional development were areas of particular interest for Moldova as Georgia has experience in implementing relevant programmes under ENPARD.
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The Government and Kazbegi Local Action Group discuss Georgia’s rural development priorities
The meeting was organised by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, supported by the European Union (EU) in partnership with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and People in Need Mission in Georgia (PiN). The First Deputy Minister, Nodar Kereselidze discussed with the members of Kazbegi LAG the progress in introducing and implementing the new concept of rural development in Georgia, as well as the state programmes and initiatives designed to promote rural development through the diversification of local economies, improvement of social and public services, increase of employment and the sustainable use of natural resources.
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EU and Georgia celebrate Europe Day
Europe Day in Lagodekhi

On 15th June, Lagodekhi Park was transformed into “Eurovillage” for a day, taking all visitors on a journey to the European Union with fun activities throughout the day. ENPARD programme was presented by the products of EU-funded beneficiaries of the rural development project in Lagodekhi: honey, strawberry, cucumber, dried fruits, Woven items, jewelry, drawings, woven paintings, wine bottle cases, Cups, felt bags and shirts.

Europe Day in Kutaisi

On 2nd June, Europe Day was celebrated in Kutaisi. The visitors of Kutaisi central park could meet various EU-funded development programmes and find out more about how the EU is helping create more opportunities for Georgian citizens. Several ENPARD beneficiaries from Imereti and Racha regions presented EU-funded best quality agricultural products: honey, wine, hazelnuts, ice-cream, cheese, tea and berries.

More News

The Government visited Keda and Khulo to discuss Georgia’s rural development priorities

EU supported media tour took place in Keda municipality

EU supported workshops on Local Development Strategy were held in Khulo municipality

Keda LAG developed the first draft of Local Development Strategy

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ENPARD Publication
"With EU support I could develop and expand the family business, which was run by my parents for years.”
EU support transformed traditional hospitality into family business in Juta, Kazbegi

Located 2,200 meters above the sea level, the village of Juta in the municipality of Kazbegi, is one of the highest settlements in Georgia, which is situated on the main ridge of the Caucasus mountain range. Over the years Juta has become the favourite destination of hikers, tourists and those people who just want to spend holidays in the fresh air. Here, in such fantastic environment, a family hotel is located. With the support from ENPARD, the hotel is now headed by Tamar Arabuli, who is oriented towards creating unforgettable impressions and maximum comfort for the guests.

Tamar Arabuli grew up in a family who hosted one of the first tourists of Juta. The Arabuli family has been hosting local or international travelers for 12 years at their own home. The family realized that it was time to expand the hotel, improve its conditions and offer additional services. With the two-years of savings the family decided to build an isolated hotel. At this time Tamar Arabuli decided to lead this new initiative. However, the completion of the construction was not enough to develop a business. Family savings was not enough to fully cover the cost of inventory for the new hotel. Accordingly the goal was still not achieved. At that time, Tamar Arabuli learned about the EU ENPARD program and Local Action Group in Kazbegi and set a goal to make the hotel operational with the support of EU.

Family hotel success story see here

Latest ENPARD stories
Greenhouse in Samegrelo – Cooperative “Khorgis Satburebi”

Work redistribution, reduction of overall costs and increasing production - these are the priorities that have been emerged in the history of the greenhouse "Khorgis Satburebi", after creating a cooperative with EU ENPARD support. The product available from the cooperative is the cucumber and tomato that are catered by locals in Khobi municipality of Samegrelo. The product is ecologically pure.

Honey production in Senaki – Cooperative “Otsneba”

The cooperative „Otsneba” staffed by 11 members produces ecologically clean honey in Samegrelo. “Otsneba” further expanded its business with the help of EU-funded ENPARD, bought necessary modern equipment that is vital for honey production. Together with increased productivity, cooperative decided to plant honey plants that will reduce the flow of bees and let “Otsneba” save time and financial resources.

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ENPARD in Media
Launch of ENPARD III Projects – Rustavi2
EU and Georgia launch two large-scale projects - TV Pirveli
More media coverage

Rural development in Keda – Rustavi2

Cooperative “Ertoba” in Adjara – TV Pirveli

Cooperative “Naturgift” in Adjara – TV Pirveli

Support to beekeeping in Imereti – TV Imedi “No Time to Sleep”

Cooperative “Satsuri” opens wine restaurant - BM.GE

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