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Official ENPARD project documents

Official ENPARD project documents


Support to Georgian Agricultural Sector under ENPARD III
Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia under ENPARD II
Capacity Development of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia under ENPARD I


Improving Rural Development in Georgia (ENPARD III)
Support to Rural Development in Georgia (ENPARD II)
Support to Agricultural Development in  Ajara (ENPARD I)

Evoluxer :

Communication Strategy Paper (key stories)
Feasibility analysis of pros- and cons- of restructuring ACDA in membership organz
Final Inception Report
Mission Report Cheese Production by STE Hettinga
Report Access to Finance
Report ACDA Branding Strategy
Report ACDA Capacity Assessment
Report Agricultural Cooperation Coordination Board
Report Assessment of Coop Trainings Evaluation (activity 3.3) by ISET
Report Basics of Financial and Tax Accounting to the agricultural coops
Report Cooperative Financial and Management Assessment Tool
Report Design Award Programme for successful agricultural coops
Report Design service provision for cooperatives
Report Facilitate linkages of agric. coops to markets and service providers
Report ICCs Basic Knowledge Assessment on agricultural coops
Report Institutionalization of the Education & Training Program
Report on Development of database for experts, BSPs and trainers
Report Promote introduction of cooperative fundamentals at schools
Report Standardisation of Agric. Coops (Green Diploma)
Report STE Deniz Sensoy (TDC, TURKEY)
Report Survey AgCoops  June 2016


CARE International :

Mercy Corps :

ENPARD Project document Mercy Corps
Interim Report  – Year 1
Interim Report – Year 2
Annual Report – Year 3
Honey Market Analysis Report
Potato Market Analysis Report


Mercy Corps-Rural Development Component:

Annual Report, July 2015 – June 2016
Mid Term Evaluation Report , 1st July 2015 – 31st August 2016
ROM report





ENPARD Project document Oxfam



People in Need:

ENPARD Project document People in Need
Case Study – Kazbegi LAG
Gudauri for Kazbegi Development – Kazbegi LAG
Kazbegi Agricultural Aassessment -Kazbegi LAG
Kazbegi Branding Strategy – Kazbegi LAG
Kazbegi Tourism Report 2015 -Kazbegi LAG
PIN Kazbegi Baseline Study 2015




Project Document – Promotion of rural development and diversification in Khulo Municipality
Quarterly Progress Report  01. 2017


Grant Contract
Inception Report -May 1,2017-July 31,2017
Annex 1.Project Work Plan
Annex 2. Communication Strategy
Annex 3. SCG Members
Annex 4. Stakeholder Engagement Plan
Annex 5. Outreach Materials
Annex 6. Site visit in Adjara
Annex 7. Community Mobilisation
Annex 8. Newsletters



Annex 1 – Logframe
Annex 1 – Description of the Action
Annex 3 – Budget
Financig Agreement
Quarterly Report No 3



Agriculture Review 2006-2015
Analysis of Preferential Agro Credit Project
Honey Value Chain
Project proposal
The overview of the Agricultural Trade Policy in Georgia, 2014
The overview of the Agricultural Trade Policy in Georgia, 2015


Final Report – Evaluation of ENPARD 1, 2013 – 2017
Annex – Assessment of Progress against the ENPARD Logframe Indicators
ENPARD 1 Financing Agreement 2012
Addendum 01 to the ENPARD 1 Financing Agreement 2012