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People in Need (PIN)


People in Need (PIN) is a Czech non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides relief aid, development assistance and human rights support in over 30 countries. PIN was established in 1992 by a group of Czech war correspondents who, seeing the humanitarian needs grow around them, were no longer satisfied with relaying information about ongoing conflicts and began to send out aid. PIN gradually became established as a professional humanitarian organization that strives to provide aid in troubled regions and support adherence to human rights around the world.
Throughout the 25 years of its existence, People in Need has become one of the biggest non-profit organizations in Central Europe. In addition to humanitarian aid and human rights, it now also targets education and helps people living in social exclusion. In Georgia, empowering people is at the heart of all we do. PIN understands empowerment as a process by which people become more capable of claiming their rights and actively promoting change. PIN’s goal in Georgia is to reduce poverty and inequalities, particularly in rural areas. We work towards this goal by:
  • Making the development process in Georgia more pro-poor and inclusive.
  • Building the capacity of people, organisations and networks to advocate and implement changes.
  • Protecting the poorest and most vulnerable households, which remain excluded from the development process.
In the event of a disaster, PIN also has a role to play to save lives and protect the dignity of people affected by the disaster, as outlined in PIN’s Emergency and Preparedness Plan. 
To learn more about People in Need and our work, please visit: www.peopleinneed.cz or www.georgia.peopleinneed.eu

Local Action Group (LAG) Tskaltubo
Project duration: December 2018 – December 2022
With the support of EU ENPARD, the project introduces the LEADER approach to Tskaltubo municipality to build on existing local development potential, support participatory mechanisms in local decision-making processes and the district’s sustainable growth, as well as improve the quality of life of its residents, especially of targeted disadvantaged groups.
The project aims to contribute to reducing poverty through integrated, sustainable and participatory rural development in Tskaltubo municipality by introducing the LEADER approach to enhance employment, rural economy, community empowerment and living conditions of rural population. It is the basic principle of the LEADER approach that the action targets all types of local public, private and civic actors and individual inhabitants to create local partnerships and direct local resources towards more effective development. The active and committed representatives of Local Government, entrepreneurs, farmers, CSOs, citizens, IDP initiative groups and other important local players, are all invited to participate in local strategy planning and become members of Local Action Group (LAG).
Together, following on from regional research undertaken jointly by the LAG and project team, the LAG members formulate the Rural Development Strategy, with substantial input from other community members. Once the Strategy is developed, they solicit calls for proposals from residents and distribute small grants for projects in areas prioritised by the Strategy. The whole process is transparent and open to any resident of Tskaltubo.
The Action includes strong capacity building component for all target groups to enable a new methodology to be efficiently implemented, and to ensure sustainability of project outcomes. Based on experience from EU countries, which have long history of LEADER implementation, and on the experience of Kazbegi and Akhalkalaki LAGs, this approach ensures that active individuals are able to mobilise their social networks, the level of community participation increases overall and it helps economic development renewal. The individual projects supported by small grants can become positive models to follow. The networking activities bring innovations to remote areas.
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Local Action Group in Kazbegi
Project duration: 2015 – 2017 (Phase I), 2018-2020 (Phase II)
With the support of the European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD), PIN together with Kazbegi Local Action Group (LAG), implements a pilot rural development project “Local Action Group in Kazbegi” to support the local social and economic initiatives in Kazbegi municipality.
The project’s overall objective is to contribute to poverty reduction, improved employment, living conditions and tourism in rural areas in Kazbegi through the establishment of a model of participation and cooperation in local development that takes into account sharing of the European experience on the territory of Kazbegi municipality. The project applies the European model of rural development, LEADER approach. Following this approach local development strategies are more effective and efficient if decided and implemented at the local level by local actors. The project supports establishment of Kazbegi Local Action Group, development of Local Development Strategy, selection of rural development initiatives for EU funding and implementation.
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