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a1a43ce05e4549eea596754c191da8e5Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA)

A Non-Governmental organization Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA)  was established in 1997 (Certificate N 46/5/z-37 June 6, 2004) by a group of small farmers, farmers’ credit unions and farmers co-operatives, CBOs and NGOs,  which are the main stakeholders in its activities.At all stages of project development from selection of  the community , situational analyses,  needs assessment and identification, designing the project and implementation RCDA uses different participatory approaches and methods that emphasize local knowledge and enable local people to make their own appraisal, analysis, and plansMost development projects in the rural communities are designed and delivered using a combination of participatory techniques—including participatory rural appraisal, participatory learning and action, and various workshop methods—to uncover local problems, resource constraints, deficiencies and unmet basic needs.  In the activities of the center volunteers from different scientific and research institutions experts in various fields are involved.During the last 3 years RCDA has successfully implemented in different rural areas of Georgia a number of projects and programs that positively improved the livelihoods of vulnerable households, women and youth.For more information, please visit the website  www.rcda.ge