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Studies and other documents

Studies and other documents


Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN):

The Human Capital Analysis results
CENN project Keda LEADER – Regional Development manual



CARE International :

ENPARD Cooperatives Survey Results 2014-2015(Presentation)
Key Findings of Cooperative Survey
Lagodekhi Municipality Local Development Strategy – Lagodekhi Local Action Group(LAG) 2016
Agriculture and Rural Development in Western Georgia – A Baseline Assessment




FAO Capacity Development to Ministry of Agriculture _First Progress Report 2013
FAO Review of Legislation Regarding Agricultural Cooperatives 2014
FAO Baseline Assessment and Evaluation of Small Farmers 2014
Proposal for Setting up of the Georgian Agricultural Farm Register
Review and Assessment of the MOA Information and Consultation Service Agricultural Consultation Centers 2014
Enhancing Agricultural Development in Georgia – FAO support to MoA in 2013-2017



Georgian Institute for Public Affairs (GIPA):

The Onion Value Chain Analysis in Samtskhe- Javakheti Region of Georgia
Peach Value Chain Analysis in Kakheti Region
Walnut Value Chain Analysis in Ajara Region of Georgia



Limerick University / RAPDI:

Agricultural Review 2006-2015
Analysis of Preferential Agro Credit Project
Honey value chain



Mercy Corps :

Mercy Corps KEY findings- ENPARD Baseline Survey 2014
Market Research: Apiculture (Bee-Keeping) Sector at Kvemo Kartli, Shida Kartli, Kakheti and Imereti Regions, Georgia
Market Research: Potato Planting Sector at Kvemo Kartli, Shida Kartli, and Samtskhe Javakheti Regions, Georgia




Income Opportunities in NonTimber Forest Products
OXFAM Key Findings_ ENPARD Baseline Study 2014



People in Need:

Agribusiness Needs Assessment Report
Report on the assessment of services of the information and consulting service centres of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia
 Assessment Report of the “Small Farmers Spring Work Support Project 2014”
Assessment of the Preferential Agro Credit Project 
Evaluation of the State Policy on Support of Farmers’ Cooperation in Georgia In respect of Farmers’ needs
Agribusiness Needs Assessment Report 


Agriculture Value Chain in Imereti and Racha Regions:
Greenhouse production of herbs
Corn Production
Beef Production
Poultry and Egg Production
Hazelnuts production
Fish Farming
Fruit processing
Berry Farming
Apiculture and Honey Production
Milk and Dairy Production




Beef Farm Value Chain Study in Ajara AR
Greenhouse Value Chain Study in Ajara AR
Economic Evaluation of Farmers’ Cooperatives Financed by ENPARD Adjara Grant Project, 2016
ENPARD Ajara Progress report May-November 2013