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e312e6e098e044f78199aa32e2d6becfThe Biological Farming Association “Elkana”

The Biological Farming Association “Elkana”, a non-governmental Georgian organisation, was founded in August 1994. The association unites member farmers from different regions of Georgia. Having started with 9 member farmers by 2014 Elkana unites more than 900 members.
We aim to improve the socio-economic conditions of the population of Georgia and to ensure environmental protection through fostering the development of sustainable & organic farming and increasing the self-reliance of the rural population.
The Program Activities of Elkana include:
  1. sustainable & organic farming extension and training;
  2. organic market promotion in Georgia;
  3. conservation and sustainable utilization of agricultural diversity;
  4. supporting of business activities of organic farmers, farmer groups;
  5. rural tourism development and the valorisation of traditional food and wine production & processing;
  6. raising public awareness on the importance of sustainable & organic farming and traditional varieties;
  7. advocacy of  farmers’ rights.
For more information, please visit the website    www.elkana.org.ge