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3b36225022074208b8a4b0db84f96bcdUnion “Agroservice”

Since 2004, Union “Agroservice” is serving farmers and legal entities which are employed in agricultural sector of Georgia. Union “Agroservice” is an umbrella organization for 28 Farm Service Centers (FSC’s) in different regions of Georgia, total number of beneficiaries exceeds 250 thousand, single small and large entities. The activities are focused on advocacy and strengthening links between service centers, farmers and agro-entrepreneurs. Among activities are development of sustainable information consultation system, reduction of poverty in the rural areas and increasing economic growth in regional population of Georgia. Since 2010, Union “Agroservice” is member of “International Agro – Consortium” which unites: Poland, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia.From October 2013 partner of “Georgian Agriculture and rural development Alliance”, and member of “Civil Hall” which was founded by Georgian National Food Agency, “F2F” program partner in Georgia. All above mentioned consortium activities are directed to development of farmers and service providers operating in the agricultural sector of Georgia. For supporting development of Agriculture and 10 years of productive work in the country, organization has received many international awards, certificates and letters of gratitude.In European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development in Georgia (ENPARD Georgia) programme; “Strengthening farmers cooperatives in rural municipalities of Georgia” Union “Agroservice” is implementing partner of Mercy Corps consortium. Union “Agroservice” will provide trainings to Farmers Groups (FGs) and Agricultural Service Providers (ASPs) in: Food Hygiene and Safety; Modern and New Agricultural Technologies. Union “Agroservice” will also support existing Agriculture Services Providers to increase their capacity to develop new service packages suitable and affordable for the business-oriented farmers groups and other small scale farmers.For more information, please visit the website http://www.agroservice.ge/